Our partners

Scientific partner institution:

  • CEA : Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives : See the website
  • CNRS : Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique : See the website
  • INRAE : Institut National de Recherche pour l’Agriculture, l’Alimentation et l’Environnement : See the website
  • INSERM : Institut National de la Santé de la Recherche Médicale :  See the webite

French national strategy for NDD:

  • French national strategy for NDD webiste: Presentation of the strategy (in French) : See the website

NDD National centers of excellence:

  • ceAND : Centre d’Excellence Autisme et TND Montpellier : See the website
  • exac-t : Centre d’Excellence Autisme et TND Tours : See the website
  • IMIND : Centre d’Excellence Autisme et TND Lyon :  See the website
  • InovAND : Centre d’Excellence Autisme et TND Île de France (in French) : See the website
  • STRAS&ND : Centre d’Excellence Autisme et TND Strasbourg (in French) : See the website

Organizations of the GIS Operational Committee :

  • ARAPI : Association for Research on Autism and the Prevention of Maladjustments (in French):  See the website
  • DéfiScience : National Health Sector - Rare Diseases of Neuro-Development (in French) : See the website
  • GNCRA : Groupement National des Centres Ressources Autisme (in French) :  See the website

GRAPS : Thinking group of non-profit organization for science :

  • Agir et vivre l’autisme : Association for support dedicated to autonomy, communication and inclusion (in French): See the website
  • Autisme France : Association recognized as being of public utility (in French):  See the website
  • Autistes sans frontières : National coordination for an inclusive society - children, adolescents, adults (in French):  See the website
  • Collectif DI : See the website
  • EFAPPE : Federation of associations of people with disabilities due to severe epilepsies (in French) : See the website
  • FF Dys : French Federation for Dys disorders (in French): See the website
  • HyperSupers TDAH France : French association to help families, adults and children affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (in French) : See the website
  • Nous Aussi : French association of self-representatives of people with intellectual disabilities (in French) : See the website
  • PAARI : Autistic Persons for Responsible and Innovative Self-Determination (in French) : See the website
  • Page Facebook d’HandiVoice : Self-representatives think tank (in French): See the website
  • Sésame Autisme : Association of parents serving people with ASD (in French): See the website
  • UNAPEI : National Union of Associations of Parents, People with Mental Disabilities and Their Friends (in French): See the website

Scientific partners:

  • Fondation Fondmental : Foundation dedicated to the fight against mental illness :  See the website
  • GDR 3557 : Institut de Psychiatrie (in French) :  See the website
  • GDR Sommeil : Research Group about sleeping disorders (in French):  See the website
  • IRN Dev-O-Psy : Developmental and biological basis of psychosis onset in adolescents and young adults – International research network (France – Quebec) (in French) : See the website
  • SFNP : Société Française de Neurologie Pédiatrique (in French) : See the website